Today Highlight: 20.08.2007

Netherlands: government are funding the jobless on the “development programmes” such as… 

State funds tarot card readings for jobless 
Monday 20 August 2007 

Tarot card readers, astrologers and spiritually-based ‘personal development programmes’ are being given government funding as part of efforts to get people back to work, the Volkskrant reports on Monday.

*I start to imagine what would happen if Malaysia government also consider to sponsor the same funding for university unemployed to take the course on “bomoh“, Chinese “spirit medium”…

Finland: 57% of Finn said they would not buy genetically modified (GM) food…

Most Finns Would Pass on GM Food
Published 19.08.2007, 17.01

The majority of Finns would not buy food which used genetically modified (GM) fodder or ingredients in its preparation. According to a survey by the newspaper Aamulehti, 57 percent of respondents said they would not purchase such food, even if it were produced in Finland.

Norway: Nothing much is interesting today… the scandal of Oslo Mayor… bla bla bla… move on to next.

Sweden: Immigrant women have higher rish in child labour…

‘Healthcare worse for immigrant women’
Published: 20th August 2007 07:57 CET

Women born in countries outside Sweden suffer more complications when giving birth than Swedish women. Eva Robertson, a researcher at the Karolinska Institute, says that the problem stems from discrimination in the healthcare system.
Women born in sub-Saharan Africa and in Latin America were 50 percent more likely than Swedish women to experience complications during labour.
Women from Iran and the rest of Asia meanwhile ran a 30 percent higher risk of labour difficulties than women born in Sweden.

Denmark: politicians use city’s fund to see Michael Moore’s presentation…

Michael Moore’s advice costly for taxpayers

Dozens of municipal politicians have used their city’s funds to purchase tickets to a presentation by American documentary film director Michael Moore.
At DKK 1600 (USD=290) per person, the total for the big wigs’ night out comes to DKK 112,000. Sønderborg’s mayor, Jan Prokopek Jensen, said Moore’s presentation – which includes a viewing of his latest film about the American health care system, ‘Sicko’ – can be ‘inspirational’ for the city’s businesses and government.

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