OECD: Important in Job – Summary

After 5 posts on the series of important in job, the summary of what each OECD country participants’ view on the important criteria in a job can be concluded as below:

Job criteria – Average % say yes (Standard Deviation)
Important in a job: good pay – 79.2 (11.5)
Important in a job: a job that is interesting  – 70.0 (10.2)
Important in a job: good job security – 69.7 (14.3)
Important in a job: that you can achieve something – 66.6 (14.2)
Important in a job: a job that meets one´s abilities  – 62.5 (13.7)
Important in a job: an opportunity to use initiative  – 55.5 (10.9)
Important in a job: good hours – 54.0 (14.0)
Important in a job: a responsible job – 53.5 (13.2)
Important in a job: a respected job – 46.8 (16.2)
Important in a job: not too much pressure – 40.0 (17.0)
Important in a job: generous holidays – 34.8 (16.9)

So obviously money, or the good pay is distinctively important among all the job criteria. After all, people need money to survive in the developed society. However, it is interesting to see if the factors such as a) GDP, b) tax and c) income inequality (Gini measure) correlate to how people think good pay is important in job.

a) GDP [2000]

b) Tax (Total tax wedge on average wage in year 2000)

c) Income inequality (Gini 2000)


  1. August 20, 2007 at 1:46 am

    […] am (MeThink, OECD, Statistic, Economic, Social) Earlier on, the opinion of people think about what is important in job is compared among selected OECD countries. This time, it is interesting to have a brief look at […]

  2. Morson said,

    October 24, 2009 at 10:07 am

    very impressive graphical representation.Just keep it up.

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