Malaysia: Crime Statistic 2000-2006 (I)

From Polis Diraja Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police) website, the statistic for crime reported like homicides, attemp murder, rape, assault, theft and etc are listed. The data/statistic from the website will be discussed in the following descriptions:  1) the absolute number of incidents occured (period 2000-2006), 2) the normalised crime rate, or the number of cases per 100 000/10 000 population per year, 3) the efficiency of police officer solving the cases. Point #2 and #3 will be discussed in the subsequent post in the following day. Today, let’s look at the absolute number of crime stats reported:

a) Homicides/murder, attempt murder, robbery (group, firearmed), and robbery (single, firearmed):

For the group robbery which involving firearms, the cases reported each year varied between 40 to 100. On the other hand, the robbery done by single person and involving firearm steadily declines from 722 in year 2000 to 247 cases in year 2006.

Attempt for murder cases increases at rate of 43 cases in year 2000 to 94 cases in 2005, almost double the number. As for murder/homicide, the number of incidents has been fluctuating between 500 to 600 cases per year, while year 2006 recorded the highest number: 604 cases.
b) Robbery (group, unarmed), robbery (single, unarmed), rape and assault.

Next, rape cases are seeing a steady increment from year 2000: 1210 cases in 2000 to 2435 cases in year 2006, double the cases in 6 years period. Similar trend is also seen in group and unarmed robbery. The robbery done by single and unarmed person is seeing a drastic increase: a jump of around 12 000 cases in year 2000 to about 18 000 cases in year 2006! The number of cases of assault were seeing a steady decrease from year 2000 (5104 cases) to 2005 (4246 cases), but spike high (5716 cases) again in year 2006.

c) Various theft action: Theft (van/lorry), theft (motocar), theft (motorbike), snatch theft, and others.

Lastly, the crime against property is discussed here. Both theft cases on van/lorry and motorcar are seeing a steady increase over the year of 2000 to 2006. The number of motorcars stolen reports increased from 7278 cases in 2000 to 11101 cases in 2006. On the other hand, the much high profile snatch-theft cases were seeing a drop since year 2003, from 15798 cases to 9551 cases in 2006, or equivalent to a drop of 39.5% (that is a surprise to me). Finally, the theft of motorcycle is seeing a skyhigh increase, especially the spike between year 2005/06. In year 2000, 45903 cases of stolen motorbike were reported. But at the end of year 2006, 64858 cases were reported!