MeThink: Error in New York Times?

Probably not a big deal, but it is kinda surprise to note this very obvious error in New York Times article For studies in English, Koreans learn to say goodbye to dad like…

The mothers say they are the modern-day successors to one of the most famous mothers in East Asia: the mother of Mencius, the fourth-century Chinese Confucian philosopher. In a story known in South Korea, as well as China and Japan, Mencius’s mother moved to three neighborhoods before finding the environment most favorable to her son’s education.

Well, Mencius is not exactly a fourth-century philosopher but lived around 372 – 289 BCE.

On another note, the critics on wild geese mother:

South Korean women’s rising social status and growing economic power have fueled the wild geese migration, according to education experts like Oh Ook-whan, a professor at Ehwa Womans University who has studied the separated families. Conservatives have criticized the wild geese mothers for being obsessed about their children’s education at the risk of destroying their marriages. The women’s real intention, they say, is to get as far away as possible from their mothers-in-law. …

“I don’t know why Mencius’s mother is so revered and why we wild geese mothers are so criticized,” said Chang Soo-jin, 37, who moved here with her two children nearly two years ago. “Our coming out here is exactly the same as what she did.”

Well, Mencius’s mother did moved around 3 neighbourhoods but this was not exactly what her scenario: Mencius father passed away when Mencius was three and Mrs Chang still has her husband though…

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