MeThink: Don’t vote for someone because…

… because “didn’t really grow up there nor did he grow up in Malaysia cos he followed his ambassador dad to Japan and Amerika ’syaitan’ Syarikat and studied in UK’ Jamaluddin.


I am not a big fan for Mr. son-in-law, but to say that you should not vote for him because of the reason above appear to me to be almost… funnily sad? I mean should we change the Malaysia constitution law to say that those did not spend the childhood in Malaysia should not contest? Including those who followed the parents who served the country around the globe (which appear to be quite legitimate reason, even though you might not like it)? If this is the case, should we think is it absurd for immigrants like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen to be elected and actually served as cabinet minister in European countries?

I don’t like Mr. son-in-law, and definitely I wouldn’t be voting for him if I have the chance. But to say that voting against him for the reason given above – thanks, but no thanks.

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