Weekly Highlight: 20.11.2007


New plan for families of alcoholics

Children are often the silent victims of their parents’ alcoholism, but the National Board of Health hopes to lend a helping hand.
Help is on the way, however, for the estimated 60,000 children who live under the same roof as parents who are regularly intoxicated.
The National Board of Health has created a professional network of teachers, day-care workers and social workers who ensure that when parents receive treatment for an alcohol problem, their children ‘are seen and receive the necessary help’.


Morphine and Insulin Found in Exhumed Bodies
Published 19.11.2007, 12.18

Traces of morphine and insulin have been found in the bodies that were exhumed in Nokia. The graves were unearthed in September following several suspicious deaths.
The National Bureau of Investigation, which is heading the investigation, says poisoning could have been the underlying cause of death.
The investigations involving the exhumed bodies are part of a broader examination into suspicious deaths which occurred at various elder care facilities where a 26-year-old nurse worked.
Insulin has been found in five of the exhumed bodies. However, only one of the deceased persons was known to have had diabetes. The National Bureau of Investigation is continuing to look into the insulin source.
A lethal dose of morphine was also found in one of the bodies. The morphine levels found in the 91-year-old woman were fifty times those of safe levels. The NBI is investigating the woman’s death as a murder case.
Five of the deceased were in-patients at the Nokia health centre at the time of their deaths. The nurse, who is currently in police custody, partly cared for the deceased patients, whose graves have now been disinterred. The nurse is suspected of killing the 91-year-old patient. She has denied any guilt during questioning.


Dutch should work longer, says Kok
Monday 19 November 2007

Dutch people need to work longer hours in order to combat the effect of the ageing population, former prime minister and union boss Wim Kok said in an interview in Saturday’s Volkskrant.
Kok was one of the masterminds behind the 25-year-old Wassenaar agreement, in which the working week was lowered from 40 to 36 hours.


Bestiality ban proposed
First published: 16 Nov 2007, 12:39

Minister of Agriculture and Food Terje Riis-Johansen wants Norway’s Animal Protection Act updated to expressly forbid sex with animals.
The existing act only specifies the kicking and beating of animals as abuse, and the agriculture minister now wants to close loopholes.
“This is a punishable offense that shall not occur,” Riis-Johansen told NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting).
The ban will come into effect with the new Animal Protection Act, which will also prevent violence against animals and the use of live animals as feed or bait.
“It will still be legal to use a riding crop on a horse that must be trained. But beating a dog will be illegal,” the minister said.
According to a 2006 survey of 650 veterinarians last year, bestiality – sex with animals – occurs far more often than people think.


Man fired for buying sex in China
Published: 20th November 2007 08:51 CET

A man who was sacked after being arrested for buying sex from two prostitutes while on a business trip to China is taking his former employer to court with the support of his union.
The man, who worked for a large Swedish technology company, was held in a Chinese prison for 15 days after the arrest, Metro reports. His company was forced to fly a replacement to China.
The man, who had worked at the company for 33 years was later sacked. The firm claimed that the episode had damaged its “century-old reputation.”

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