Durex Sex Survey 2005: OECD and Selected Asia Countries (Part 2)

My half-baked statistic take 😛 on the global sex survey conducted in various OECD countries and some selected Asia countries in year 2005 on:

Part 2: Percentage of interviewee perform unprotected sex with new partner vs. percentage of interviewee who has one-night stand experience.

a) Pink “x”: Asia countries – Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia.
b) Brown cross “+”: relatively more religious countries – Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain.
c) Red cross “+”: US.
d) Deep blue square: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, UK.
e) Green “z”: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.

MeThink: Correlationality does not mean casuality, but I am curious to know that why the more common one-night stand activity is in a country, e.g. green “z” countries like Sweden and Denmark, the more likely that they performed unprotected sex with new partner? Are they more a risk-taker or because they trust in their new partner more? Moreover, sex education is not an issue in those green “z” countries, rite? The mind boogling part is that why there are so many of them (especially the green “z” countries) practise unprotected sex in the first place? Because of low prevalence of STIs/AIDS or not so much worry about unplanned pregnancy? Hmmm, curious…

Source: Durex Global Sex Survey 2005

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