Weekly Highlight: 30.10.2007

Denmark: young people does not like to read newspaper…

No news is no news

A new study finds that young people’s interest in the news is rapidly diminishing. The study, conducted by the Institute for Business Cycle Analysis (IFKA), found that half of young people aged 15 to 24 do not read the daily newspaper and only 57 percent watch the television news.
The new figures stand in contrast to a similar study conducted 10 years ago showing that 67 percent of young people read a daily papers and nearly all watched TV news.
The decline comes despite an increase in the number of news sources such as free newspaper and 24-hour news networks.
Contrary to what media experts believed, the explosion of young people using the internet has not led to them seeking out news from their computers, either.

Finland: fathers choose work over…

Fathers Take Work Over Paternity Leave
Published 28.10.2007, 16.07 (updated 28.10.2007, 16.11)

According to new doctoral research, new fathers opt not to take paternity leave because they still feel responsible for providing for the family. Among couples with a high degree of education, it was far more likely for both parents to take time off.
Paternity leave became every father’s right in Finland in the 1970’s, but even now only around ten percent choose to take advantage of it.

Netherlands: if the plane crashes and put you on a desert island, what would you…

Dutch won’t eat human flesh
Monday 29 October 2007

Most Dutch would rather starve than eat human flesh, according to research carried out for entertainment software company Electronic Arts.
Of the 500 respondents, 65% would refuse cannabalism if a plane crash put them on a desert island.
As for company on the island, 27.1% wanted Pamela Anderson and 26.7% James Ford – Sawyer from the tv series Lost.
A knife is considered essential by 71.4% of respondents, while nearly 17% chose a mobile phone.

Norway: in the post-Christian Europe…

Half have faith in God
First published: 25 Oct 2007, 10:23

The study found that 51.6 percent stated they believed in God, and 40.3 percent said they believed in the central tenet of Christianity, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, according to the Sentio survey carried out for newspaper Klassekampen.
Four out of ten claiming faith in Jesus is a clear increase from earlier surveys.
The study found that supporters of the Socialist Left Party were the least religious, even less so than voters for the farther left Red Electoral Alliance.
Apart from Christian Democrat voters, agrarian Center Party voters replied most in keeping with classical Lutheran faith.

Sweden: now the sagging pants spread to Sweden?

Low-hanging pants cause school rumpus
Published: 29th October 2007 18:43 CET

Low-hanging pants may be all the rage in the world of hip-hop, but one school in a chic part of Stockholm has caused a row after it told pupils to keep their waistlines at waist level.
Parents at Östermalmsskolan, a school in one of Stockholm’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, told parents in a letter last week that pupils would be expected to pull their trousers up.
The school said that displaying rear cleavage had been declared out of order back in the spring.
“Lots of people think hanging pants don’t look nice, and this is actually the children’s place of work. It’s not terribly hygienic either,” said Agneta Zetterström, headmistress at the school, to local paper Östermalmsnytt.
But hip-hop DJ Erik Kvarnsmyr, whose stepson Viktor Arvidsson, 8, attends the school, said the rule was “really silly.”
“I reacted really strongly when I got the letter,” he said.
“Schoolteachers shouldn’t be acting as fashion police. Knowledge is the really important thing,” he told The Local.

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