MeThink: Japanese Boleh Spirit

Do you know what is it? What is it for?

Well, it is sort of camouflage, which is used to prevent crime, as explained in this article.

Sometimes, I really have to write a 服 字 (hmmm, how to explain it, sort of meaning admire, or less than that) at Japanese: they can really come up any sort of ideas!

For example, just like this one. I thought this kind of ideas would only appear in Doraemon cartoon book or something like that, but this designer does come up with stereotype of her idea! And what is greater about all these inventions is the Japanese attitude towards ideas and inventions, no matter how “ridiculous” it could appear, as commented by this guy:

Japanese society won’t just laugh, so inventors are not afraid to try new things,” said Takumi Hirai, chairman of Japan’s largest association of individual inventors, the 10,000-member Hatsumeigakkai.

May be this is Japanese boleh spirit you know. If anyone dare to put out this idea in Malaysia, he or she would be… you don’t need my description to know what could happen next.

Anyway, may be  I should say: Ganbatte kudasai! Please come up with more ideas! 🙂

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  1. October 21, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Hats off to Japanese

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