Weekly Highlight: 16.10.2007

Denmark: Would you skip Denmark for this news? Because some Danishs worry about the country’s image…

Denmark one of EU’s worst for immigrants

A comprehensive study of integration conditions for the EU’s immigrant population puts Denmark near the bottom of the list.
Denmark is one of the European Union’s worst countries when it comes to integrating immigrants, according to the most comprehensive study to date on the issue.
The 2007 Migrant Integration Policy Index, released Sunday by the British Council and financed by the EU Commission, placed Denmark 21st overall on its list ranking the 28 EU countries.

That the Institute for Human Rights stood behind the Danish side of the study makes the results especially scathing, according to Jens Vedsted Hansen, law professor at Aarhus University.
It damages our international image even further,’ said Hansen. ‘One can choose to ignore the results from a political standpoint, but many politicians and business leaders are aware that these factors can be a problem when recruiting qualified foreign labour – and we can clearly see they have been.’


Unemployment Levels Higher among Immigrants
Published 11.10.2007, 11.01

The unemployment rate of immigrants is about 2.5 times higher than that of Finnish nationals, according to a study published by the University of Jyväskylä.
The study reports that professional skills are not the only determining factor in finding a job. Attitudes of employers concerning language skills as well as an immigrant’s homeland play a role.

Netherlands: Tougher on crime?

MPs want less community service
Monday 15 October 2007

Judges are too quick to impose community service sentences on people convicted of serious crimes such as rape and attempted murder – crimes which should only ever be given a prison term, according to a majority of MPs.

Community services on rape? Depending on type of rape?

Norway: quota system…

Firms face quota deadline
First published: 12 Oct 2007, 15:15

Norway’s center-left government has issued a warning to 140 companies that still don’t have enough women on their boards of directors: Appoint more, or  dismissed.
Companies organized as “ASA” corporations are required to meet a state-mandated quota that calls for 40 percent of their directors to be women.
Equality minister Karita Bekkemellem told newspaper Aftenposten on Friday that those companies failing to meet the quota will face involuntary dissolution from January 1. Many are within traditionally male-oriented branches like the offshore oil industry, shipping and finance.
“My advice to them is that they take responsibility and find the women they need,” she said. She called the law “historic and radical,” and said it will be enforced.

So if I replace “woman” with “ethnicity”, that is pretty much like Malaysia already?

Sweden: contrary to Denmark, would you migrate to Sweden because they are the best?

Sweden ‘best at helping foreigners integrate’
Published: 15th October 2007 08:15 CET

Sweden is best in Europe at welcoming foreign workers, according to a new EU study. Lithuania does least to help new arrivals settle in.
The latest study looks at 140 key factors that affect immigrants’ lives. These include labour rights, opportunities for permanent settlement, the possibilities for them to be joined by their families and laws that tackle racism and prejudice.
The five countries with the largest immigrant populations – the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France – are all on the top half of the list, with Italy leading. Overall, however, Sweden won more points than any other country.

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