Finland: Politician and Private Life

I am not interested in the bigger issue involving Finland Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and his ex-girl friend’ legal issue, but I guess this remark in this article do press the hot button on me:

The power exercised by a prime minister in Finland is so great that the rest of us citizens would do well to be aware of what sort of life he spends outside of working hours. 
If Vanhanen shows up as a wild and woolly bachelor in bars and on online dating sites, it perhaps poses the question of whether or not we have a PM who can be taken seriously.

I mean, does Finnish people really choose their leader based on their private lives or choices over partners? If the politician go to bar and use online dating services, how should it affect their working capability? Isn’t it that the politicians enjoy the same right as like the other ordinary people on what they want to do over their private lives between the mutual consenting adults, e.g. going to bar or engaging on online dating sites? My husband and I got to know each other via online dating service (, does it mean both of us can’t be taken seriously if we want to become the politicians to serve the country?

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  1. SHAHID ZAMAN said,

    October 26, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Am living in switzerland,although am a very strong and practising muslim yet am somehow open in human relationship concept,i have some finnish friends and we lately talked about the issue in question they all were with a very differnt approach

    i was 100 percent having the ideas like you so am happy

    best rgds

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