Rape Trend 1970-2005 for US, UK and Sweden

Rape rate (rape cases per 100 000 population) trend comparison from year 1970 to 2005 for US, UK and Sweden:

Question: why the rape rate continues to increase? Any input?

1) US: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, Albany.
2) UK: Home Office, Research Development Statistic
3) Sweden: National Council for Crime Prevention


  1. Vimio said,

    December 13, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Rape rate is increasing for these reasons:
    1 culture of silence is being broken – women speak up more than before
    2 because it became illegal not so long ago and women acknowledge their rights more then before
    3 rape statistics for Armenia for instance is virtually zero. This is not due to a better male behavior but due to the victim blame and the silence of women in the highly patriarchal societies.
    This is also applicable to the divorce and marriage rates which are higher in the societies where women’s rights are recognized as human rights and they are freed from home and reproduction ‘slavery’.
    Men in the society could acknowledge the new millennium and the age of high technologies, the absence of their necessity as the food getter and adjust their values and behavior by participating more in the family life as equal partners instead of reestablishing their authority and power in this way.

  2. David said,

    December 14, 2007 at 2:57 am

    Actually, it is degrading women when they have that freedom. Especially freedom to voice their emotions and desires. They became more dangerous than men. For particular group of women, they tend to control men by projecting their sexuality. It was not man started the ‘tanga’ fashion, but a woman. It was a harassment to men at first. Women tends to get more attention and they sale their sexuality, show most of their body to the public. They ware something almost nude, transparent or really short seems inviting people to look and lust after them. Men have struggle everyday, holding themselves from touching them or take them to somewhere. Still, when something happened, they accuse men to be responsible. I think, if men became really crazy in the future…they will have everything transparent and show everything to women, confidently walk down the streets and malls. They don’t even care if that little toy stood up once in a while….hahaha.

    My point is that society asking men to shut up and let women speak out! If men say something, lock them up.

    Women just wanted to get naked all the time, in order get more attention. Attention? What about respect?

    If women today wanted to speak out about having great men around, then it is time to make a change. First of all, the women need to change first.

    Women in general should voice out what is appropriate to gain respect from men. The men will learn to respect and stop thinking that women is just for sex.

    Women may not be in the kitchen today, but sadly many are in still in the kitchen of hot pubs.

    Women may have stopped dealing with fire in the kitchen, but started sparks of lust everywhere.

    If ‘sexy’ is what women only think of, then better define that word carefully. Wearing something sexy, it actually really means this, “How can I relate my appearance to my sexuality!” It is like a dress code, means to tell someone that you are ready for sex, or saying ‘hey, this is my body!” It is like giving herself to everybody, to lust for.

    I am not surprised if many women disagree, but men…I know you are with me.

    If they respect us, they should gain respect by giving some respect to themselves.

    Man and woman should respect each other.

    Sorry for my grammer…hahaha

  3. virago said,

    April 9, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    David and all men like you:
    To assume that men rape women because it is their nature assumes that men are stupid (can’t think) babies (can’t control their bodies with their mind)
    monstrous (do horrible things to other human beings beacuse they want to).
    Please please read the essay ‘I want a twenty-four hour moratorium on rape’ and I gaurantee you will learn something.
    YOU can stop rape by speaking out, by calling your legislators, by confronting the billion dollar porn industry that teaches rape, by stepping forward to work and protest every time a rape case is made public. You can set up a neighborhood safety patrol, you can confront your male friends and co-workers and family members that are violent to women, you can teach a free self-defense class for women.
    YOU have more power to stop rape than anyone.
    You’re a man.

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