Weekly Highlight: 09.10.2007

Netherlands: Orang utans also have their preferences… 😛

Oranutan prefers tattooed blondes
Monday 08 October 2007

Sibu, a male orangutan at the Apenheul ape centre in Apeldoorn, is being moved back to Britain because he only shows interest in tattooed human blonde women and refuses to mate.
‘This can happen when an ape is raised by humans. Now he is lonely and that is a real shame,’ said spokeswoman Anouk Ballot in Saturday’s Parool.

errr, blonde is understandable, but why tattooed? 😛

Norway: they are worry about being worst among Scandinavia on…

Worst in Scandinavia
First published: 05 Oct 2007, 13:13

A study of Nordic police readiness reveals that Norway is the weakest of the
PF leader Arne Johannessen.
Norway has the fewest police officers per capita in Scandinavia. Denmark and Sweden have 509 and 511 inhabitants per police officer respectively, with Norway a distant third with 592, newspaper Dagsavisen reports.
Johannessen called for more recruits for the police academy and civilian assistance for certain tasks such as the transport of prisoners.
A government representative said that addition police funding and increased admission to the academy were being done, and that the suggestion for civilians taking on certain police tasks was of interest.

On relevant note, here is some crime trend in Norway from year 1993 to 2006: homicide & rape, robbery & burglary, assault & motor vehicle theft.


Needle exchanges ineffective in battle against HIV
Published: 8th October 2007 08:13 CET

Access to free hypodermic needles has not reduced the spread of HIV, according to new research from Skåne.
The majority of drug addicts do not make use of the opportunity to exchange needles, while those that do also continue to share needles with other users, Svenska Dagbladet reports.
During all this time, the issue has remained controversial. Opponents of needle exchange programmes argue that there have not been shown there to be any positive effects. Many also consider it morally questionable for the state to supply the tools for an illegal enterprise.
Supporters of the scheme counter that clean needles can save lives. Such programmes also provides an opportunity for healthcare workers to come into contact with a notoriously reticent group, allowing them to help those who wish to stop using narcotics.


Open attitudes toward foreign co-workers

A new survey has indicated that Danes have become much more open to working with foreigners than in the past.
Half of all Danes believe that working with foreign colleagues enriches society, according to a new Analyse Danmark/Ugebrevet A4 survey.
‘When unemployment was high, foreigners were seen as people who would take jobs away from Danes,’ he said. ‘But with the strong employment possibilities available now, we instead view foreigners as workers who can fill vacancies and ensure that our companies can remain competitive.’
Support for foreign labour is not limited to supporters of specific political parties, according to the poll, and is evidenced across a widespread segment of employees in both the private and public sectors.

Finland: they don’t mind about higher tax…

Finns Willing To Pay More Tax For Social Services
Published 08.10.2007, 11.34 (updated 08.10.2007, 20.15)

A survey published by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, shows that 80 percent of Finns would be ready to pay higher taxes, if the money were to go to into healthcare services. In general, people would rather see higher taxes than a deterioration in social benefits.
Nearly 40 percent backed more funding for labour market supports, such as unemployment benefits, although this world require that middle-income groups would pay around 10 euros a month more in taxes. About one-third considered the present level of labour market supports good as is.
Finns were found to be critical of income gaps. Most respondents would reduce income gaps by raising wages and salaries for people in jobs such as cleaners, nurses and school teachers. Nearly half would back steeper progression for the income tax scale.

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