OECD and Malaysia: Burglary Statistic

Total Burglary (unlawful entry or break in) cases reported among OECD countries and Malaysia between year 2000 to 2003:

a) Total burglary cases reported for year 2000-2003:

b) Burglary rate (per 100 000 population) for year 2003 according to ranking, and table for year 2000-2003:

Malaysia 10.6
Japan 26.1
Greece 28.3
Italy 30.0
Ireland 40.4
Portugal 44.9
Germany 53.0
Netherlands 63.9* (2002)
France 67.9
US 74.1
Luxembourg 75.2
Canada 89.9
Switzerland 93.4
Iceland 99.9
Spain 100.1
Sweden 137.0
Finland 140.0*(2002)
Norway 149.3
Austria 149.8
New Zealand 153.7
UK: England & Wales 155.1
Australia 177.8
Denmark 187.6


1. European countries: European Sourcebook on Crime, and cross-reference with some individual countries. See also UNODC: The Seventh United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (1998 – 2000).

2. US: Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, Albany.

3. Malaysia: Polis Diraja Malaysia.

4. Australia: Australia Institute of Criminology.

5. New Zealand: New Zealand Police Statistic.

6. Canada: Crime Statistic in Canada, Juristat.

7. Population: World Bank.

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