Today Highlight: 23.08.2007

Netherlands: probably there is no bias involved…

Other people’s kids are ‘rude’, says survey
Wednesday 22 August 2007

While most parents are satisfied with the way they are bringing up their children, 75% are irritated by other people’s kids who are ‘rude, anti-social, secretive and disobedient’, according to a survey by J/M magazine.
And while they feel themselves to be good parents, mothers said the biggest mistake they make is that they give in too easily and are not consistent. Fathers said they were sometimes too strict.
Making sure their kids are happy remains parents’ the top priority. But giving children a sense of responsibility and teaching them to be aware of the feelings of others are now nearly as important, says J/M.

*Well, via World Values Survey, soon I will post what the parents (both male and female) think what is the important quality in children. Stay tune.

Finland: you mean, before that they don’t have it?

Warning Pictures on Cigarette Packs
Published 21.08.2007, 09.32

Mandatory pictures indicating the dangers of smoking are to be included on cigarette packages in Finland. The newspaper Kaleva writes that Social Services Minister Paula Risikko will sign a statute ordering the use of the images in the autumn.

Norway: the famous “oil fund”…

Oil fund hits new heights
21 Aug 2007, 10:42

Norway has been awash in “petrokroner” since oil prices started soaring two years ago. Government officials have been stashing most of the money away in a fund meant to sustain the country when its offshore oil reserves eventually run dry.
The fund, formally known as the Government Pension Fund – Global, is still widely known as the “oil fund,” and money invested in it grew by another 3.4 percent during the second quarter, to a dizzying NOK 1.94 trillion, or about USD 327.5 billion.
Its reserves now mean that each Norwegian resident has nearly NOK 400,000 (USD 67 833) saved up in the fund, which aims to meet future social security obligations. Norwegians continue to be taxed heavily as well, meanwhile, and calls are constantly being made for politicians to dip into the fund more often to finance current social services. They generally resist the temptation, even when schools are overcrowded, hospitals have waiting lists and police need more resources.

Sweden: Bill Murray is in trouble in Stockholm, but not due to “Lost in Translation” 😛

Bill Murray seized in Stockholm golf cart caper
Published: 22nd August 2007 12:45 CET

Hollywood star Bill Murray was taken to a police station in Stockholm on Sunday night after being stopped by police while driving a golf cart from an upmarket nightclub to his city centre hotel, Expressen report.
Soon however police asked the American actor to pull over when they suspected that he may have been driving the buggy while under the influence of alcohol.

Denmark: nothing much happen…some tax cut, recruitment of foreign medical doctors etc etc…

German: wanted! For…

Wanted: The Owner of This Dog
August 22, 2007

German police investigating illegal rubbish dumping have released a photo of a striking toy dog found among the garbage in a bid to trace the culprit.
The cheeky looking 50-centimeter white mutt with black spots is dressed in a check jacket and appears to be chomping on a cigar.

* Well, if you know the owner of this toy dog, please inform the police in German. They need your help to crack down the illegal rubbish dumping.

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