OECD: Important in Job – Not too much Pressure, but Interesting Job.

In the World Values Survey, the interviewees in the selected countries were asked how important these aspects in the job. In this second post, 2 questions were listed like below:

a) Not too much pressure
b) Interesting job 

As for the result, the value in the graphs show the percentage (%) of the interviewee mentioned who mentioned that the criteria is important in a job: 

a) Not too much pressure:

Again, most of the people in Korea are hoping that for the job which is not too much pressure, followed by Japan, Italy, Hungary and Greece. On the other hand, only 11.5% people in France, 13.9% in Denmark, 17.7% in Austria, 23.6% in Australia and 23.8% in Norway think that not too much pressure is important in a job and the rest of them are up to the challenge.

b) Interesting job:

83.7% of New Zealander, 81.5% American, 79.1% Korean and 76.8% Hungarian said that an interesting job is an important criteria in a job. On average, a range of 42.1% to 83.7% of participants would agree that interesting job is important in a job, and consistent at 65%. 42.1% of People in Mexico, 45% Portugese, 55.6% Dutch, and 56% Belgian think interesting job is important in the work.

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