Sale: Selling my Books!

I have 2 more months to stay in Kyoto, and therefore now is the time for me to clear off some of my stuffs, including some books I brought or purchased here. If anyone who stays in Kyoto/Osaka area and interested in the item list below, please leave your message in the comment for further contact.

1. Collapse – Jared Diamond (1000 yen)

2. 1000 Films to Change Your Life – TimeOut (1000 yen)

3. The Interpretation of Dreams – Sigmund Freud (400 yen)

4. The 9/11 Report, National Commision on Terrorist Attack Upon United States (400 yen)

5. Kanji Starter 2 – Daiki Kusuya (450 yen)

6. Basic Connections, Making Your Japanese Flow – Kakuko Shoji (900 yen)

7. Basic Kanji Book, Vol.1 (1200 yen)

8. Basic Kanji Book, Vol.2 (1200 yen)

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