Travel: Beijing, July 2007, Part I

Beijing, well, what can I say, the very lingering impression I have is haze. When we first touched down at Qingdao LiuTing International Airport for transit purpose, the air visibility wasn’t good already. We did not notice much when arriving Beijing at night, but was totally taken aback after waking up early in the morning and looking over the city from our 7th floor hotel room. Now, browsing through this webpage, the air pollution index in Beijing from 21st to 28th July varied from lowest 98 to highest 151. I am not sure how this number reflect the reality of how bad the air pollution is in Beijing, but I have the hunch whereby if the same condition persist until 8th August next year, a lot of noise from international community will be made about the air pollution in Beijing.

Secondly, I was quite amazed by the huge amount of cars and number of people in Beijing city. Most of the main streets in Beijing are 5-lane for single way, or 10 lanes in total for both ways. However, at the peak hours starting as early as 7am on weekdays, these lanes are full with vehicles! The same would go for bus (which I have not noted any bus without full of standing passengers) and subway system (which is another interesting topic to write).

As for the people, hot spots like WangFuJing shopping street or tourist spots like Great Wall China or Forbidden City, the places are always crowded with people, regardless of weekdays! When we climbed up the steep staircase of Great Wall at JuYongGuan, we were shoulder-packed with other tourists, be it local or foreign. It is noted that most of the local tourist derived not from Beijing area but many other parts of China. Great Wall and Beijing is just like a Mecca to local Chinese.

The view of HuTong from the windown of our hotel room. The haze is covering up the constructions at the background…

The large street, vehicles, people, and the haze…

–Part I

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  1. July 29, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    i saw somthing the same in Vietnam

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