OECD: Important in Job – Good hours & a Generous Holiday

In the World Values Survey, the interviewees in the selected countries were asked how important these aspects in the job. In this second post, 2 questions were listed like below:

a) Good hours.
b) A generous holiday

As for the result, the value in the graphs show the percentage (%) of the interviewee mentioned who mentioned that the criteria is important in a job:

a) Good hours:

83.1% Koreans mentioned that a job with good hours is important to them, and followed by 79.1% Hungarian, 71.6% Japanese, 68.0% South Africans and 66.2% Americans. May be this is the reflection of which they think their job hours are bad in the respective countries? This is true in the Japan and Korea workplace, which is quite notorious for long working hours. On the other hand, only 30.9% Czech people, 32.1% Danish, 34.9% Australia, 36.1% French, and 36.6% Dutch think that good hours is important in their job selection criteria.

Curious to know, I wonder what would be the correlation between annual work hours and the opinion of each participant countries on the important of good hours in job criteria. After some google, OECD do provide the annual work hours per work for year 2002. Below here shows the correlation graph:

A moderate strong and positive correlation is seen (Rsquare=0.283, p=0.0062) between annual work hours per worker and the % of people mentioned the good hours as important aspect of job. So this could mean that the longer working hours make people in a particular country wants good hours in their job.

b) Generous holidays:

Again, most of the people in  Korea think that a generous holiday is important in a job, apparently due to the lack of holidays (as seen from long working hours). This is followed by Japan (70.6%), Hungary (53.8%), Ireland (45.9%), and Spain (40.2%). On the other hand, only 10.7% Norwegian would mention that a generous holiday is important in a job. It could be because that they are already having generous holidays (1328 hours compared to Korean 2390 hours). Next, 13.7% Australians, 14.3% Mexicans, 16.2% Danish, and 16.9% Czechs would say that a generous holiday is important in a job. It is noted that both Mexico and Czech have long working hours (1980 and 1882 hours respectively) compared to developed countries like Norway or Denmark. Their possible explanation could be that a generous holiday is a luxury, therefore it is not important. Just my guess 😛

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