UpdateFromMe: Earthquake in Niigata, Kyoto not affected

Well, my sister wrote to me asking if anything ok in Kyoto.

And just now, I got call from my parent-in-law asking how were we doing here. After 2 missed call, they were starting to get anxious. My bad, I did not bring my handphone to dinner just now, and do not usually check the handphone, especially when it is not my handphone 😦

And the reason was because there was an earthquake reported in Niigata, Japan
yesterday morning (17th July 2007). Niigata (新潟県) prefecture is quite close to Tokyo, but far away from Kyoto (2.5 hours Shinkansen/bullet train trip from Tokyo to Kyoto). It did not occur to me or Mikko that we should actually write or call our families back in Finland and Malaysia to assure that we are doing fine here. Our bad, to expect that they would know where the earthquake actually was and it did not affect us here in Kyoto 😦

Almost the same thing happened to Mikko once, when he was visiting me in Malaysia in March 2005. There was an earthquake occurred in Sumatra, Indonesia and a tsunami alarm was reported. Everything was doing fine in Penang and Kulim (where I was living), but due to the overshadow of Indian Ocean Tsunami tragedy which happened not long ago (26 December 2004), his colleagues were concerned and wrote to him. However, it took him few days before he read the email and replied them he was doing fine. So I guess Mikko and I have to be conscious enough to realize that even though we are doing fine over somewhere, but to those who concern us, a disaster occurrence close enough to our location seems to be wary enough, and both of us should be more sensitive towards the concern.

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  1. July 19, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    I was brought to your blog by the photos. They are simply beautiful. You take the photos yourself?

    I enjoyed reading your posts about work, as well. It’s fascinating to look at why certain things are important to people in different countries, and why.

    We have dear friends in Japan and wondered the same thing about them when the earthquake was reported. It was good to find out that they were OK. I remember that when we lived on the West Coast of the United States we would get a million phone calls after every earthquake. Came to understand that it was just love, and that’s a good thing.

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