OECD: Important in Job – Good Pay and Good Job Security

In the World Values Survey, the interviewees in the selected countries were asked how important these aspects in the job. In this post, first 2 questions were listed, and the value in the graphs show the percentage (%) of the interviewee mentioned who mentioned that the criteria is important in a job:

a) Good pay:

For all the countries listed here, more than 50% of the interviewees in the participants countries mentioned that good pay is an important criteria in a job. Among them, 95.6% Koreans, 90.9% South Africans, 89.7% Hungarians, 89.6% Greeks and 88.8% Irishs agreed that good pay is important in a job. On the other hand, slightly over 53% of Danish, 58.1% Swedish, 58.4% of Norwegians, 60.7% Australians, and 64.5% of Finnish mentioned that good pay is important. May be their social welfare system is good enough to cushion their worries on other expenses, thus their desire to have high-salary is reduced?

b) Good job security:

Again, Koreans think that good job security is important in a job, followed by people in Hungary, South Africa, Japan and German. On the other hand, people in Netherlands are the least mentioned about good job security in the survey, and the same goes to France, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. Any reason to explain why they do not worry about job security? They could not be fired easily? Backed up by strong labour union? Good unemployment benefit or compensation if they are dismissed?

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