World: Morale – Summary

A look back to the morale issues questioned in World Values Survey in OECD and selected Asia countries:

  1. Justifiable: Claiming government benefit
  2. Justifiable: Avoiding fare in public transport
  3. Justifiable: Cheating on taxes
  4. Justifiable: Someone accepts bribe
  5. Justifiable: Homosexuality
  6. Justifiable: Prostitution
  7. Justifiable: Abortion
  8. Justifiable: Divorce
  9. Justifiable: Euthanasia
  10. Justifiable: Suicide

In the coming days, the post about the scores on these morale subjects correlated to the score of religiosity of each country as discussed earlier on will be put here. The question will be used in these posts to show the religiosity of each country is: “How is God important in your life?”, with the score ran from 1 to 10.

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