World: Morale – Divorce

Next, the following question was asked in World Values Survey:

Justifiable: Divorce

The answer in the scale form was given, running from 1-10, 1 being “never justifiable” and 10 being “always justifiable”. The mean score given from all the participants in the respective country is shown in the graphs below:

1) OECD/developed countries:

Most of the people in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland and Iceland think that divorce is a justifiable morale issue, while people in South Africa, Hungary, Mexico and Korea slightly disagree on that. It is interesting to compare their opinion and the actual divorce data, which will be shown below.

2) Selected Asia countries:

On the other hand, people in Japan, Egypt (surprise), Korea and Saudi Arabia are showing more acceptance attitude towards divorce. Surprisingly Singaporeans are scoring lower point compared to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. People in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, however, still think that divorce is not always justifiable.

The graph below shows the plot of divorce rate (number of divorce per 1000 pop.) vs the opinion on divorce in each country:

The graph shows a moderate positive correlation between actual divorce rate and the opinion on is divorce justifiable (Rsquare=0.157, F ratio=0.0683): the more people think that divorce is justifiable (mean score closer to 10), higher divorce rate is seen. One exception country would be Ireland: their opinion on divorce is leaning towards “always justifiable” (score=6.55), but their divorce rate is very low, as low as 0.8 couple divorce per 1000 population.  

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