World: Morale – Avoiding Fare in Public Transport

In the series of finding out the opinion of the people in OECD/developed and Asia countries, the morale issue question like below was asked in World Values Survey:

Is it justifiable to avoid fare on public transport?

The answer in the scale form was given, running from 1-10, 1 being “never justifiable” and 10 being “always justifiable”. The mean score given from all the participants in the respective country is shown in the graphs below.

1) OECD/developed countries:

People in Mexico, Greece and Czech think it is slightly okay or justifiable to avoid fare in public transport compared to other OECD countries, and my suspect would be probably due to their lower income/GDP. However, I am surprised to see that Netherlands (relatively richer) is ranking 4th place after Czech. On the other hand, People in Japan, Denmark, Noway think that it is most likely not justifiable to cheat on public transport fare. One interesting I would want to know if the fare amount will influence people’s opinion on avoiding fare: if the fare is deemed too expensive, will they justified the cheating?

2) Selected Asia countries:

Among the selected Asia countries above, people in Philipines think that it is justifiable to cheat on public transport fare compared to others. This is followed by Korean and Saudi Arabian. On the other hand, people in relatively poor country like Bangladesh and VietNam do not think it is justifiable to avoid fare in public transport. Income was not the issue/factor? 

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