World: Morale – Claiming Government Benefit

In World Values Survey, the question on morale issue such as below was asked:

Is it justifiable to claim government benefit?

The option on the answer was given in the scale run from 1 to 10, whereby 1 is “never justifiable” and 10 being “always justifiable”. The value shown in the graph below is the mean score of all the answers given by participants in the respective country.

1) OECD/Europe:

There are more people in Greece, Mexico, and France think that it is okay to claim government benefit, while people in country like Denmark, Netherland, Norway claims the otherwise.

2) Selected Asia countries:

There are quite a lot of the Indonesians think that it is justifiable to claim government benefits, followed by Philipines and Singapore. On the other hand, most of the people in Bangladesh, Egypt and Japan think it is not justifiable.


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