What is risky? This or That?

Found this article about risk in the lives (well, in particular to US people actually). May be we can have a guess game, like guessing which one is more riskier…

1. Job-related. Which profession is the riskiest among the given options here?

A: firefighter
B: Office worker
C: treefeller
D: truck-driver

Well, the least-risk job is pretty obvious, office worker has the risk of 0.4 per 100 000 persons  per year, while firefighter is 10.6 deaths per 100 000, followed by truck-driver 44.8 deaths per 100 000 per year, and 357 deaths per 100 000 persons for treefeller. In summary:

Treefeller > truck-driver > firefighter > office worker 

2. Recreational activities. Which of the recreational activities below here is the riskiest?

A: Skiing
B: Bicycling
C: Swimming
D: Mountain-climbing (Himalayas)

So, obviously it is very dangerous to climb Mount Himalayas. The risk is about 13,000 deaths per 100,000 climbers per year. Skiers faced the risk about 0.49 deaths per 100 000 persons per year, while bicycling is more dangerous than skiing: death rate of 2.1 per 100 000 persons per years. Swimming has a death risk of 0.88 deaths per 100 000 persons per year. In summary, the risk of the recreational activies go in the sequence of:

Himalayas Mt Climbing > bicycling > swimming > skiing

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