Europe: Political Left/Right and Trust

In the questionaire conducted by European Social Survey, the interviewee was asked how much trust he/she has in the systems below:

  1. Trust in country’s parliament.
  2. Trust in the legal system.
  3. Trust in the police.
  4. Trust in politicians.
  5. Trust in United Nations.

A score ran from 1-11 was given: 1 being extremely distrust and 11 being trust completely. The graph below depicted the average score of questions asked above according the interviewees who identified themselves with the political placement left/right.

Generally, a “M” curve is observed from the mean score across political placement. For example, both far-left and right people tend to distrust politician compared to the moderate leaning group, except centrist (group 5). The same pattern is repeated for the trust on country’s parliament, however, the far left tends to show a lower score compared to far right group. The same is seen on trust in United Nations and legal systems as well. However, the right-leaning people tend to trust in police more than the people from left-leaning political placement.

Source: European Social Survey.

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