OECD: Crime Statistic (II)

Continues from the previous post:

4. Domestic burglary crime:

Australia had the highest number of domestic burglary crime in OECD countries, 14.4 cases per 1000 population. This is followed closely by New Zealand (surprise!) and Switzerland. On the other hand, the residents in Austria, German and Finland should probably feel safe about their house and property: out of 1000 pop., only 1.63, 1.70 and 1.79 cases of burglary occured in the respective countries, almost 10x lower risk than Australia.

5. Motor vehicle theft:

Sweden reported the highest number of motor vehicle theft (normalized), as high as 8.47 cases per 1000 persons. This is followed by Australia (7.26) and France (6.83). On the other hand, Greece reported the least number of such kind of theft: as low as 0.52 case per 1000 population. Austria and German are relatively safe place from motor vehicle theft among the OECD countries.

6. Police officer density:

Italy government has the highest police density (number of police per 1000 population), 4.73 police for every 1000 citizens. Greece is doing the same as well (4.67 police officers) and it may be explaining the low crime rate occured compared to other OECD countries. On the other hand, Finland only has 1.55 police officers for every 1000 citizens and Japan 1.78. Low police density and low crime rate in Japan, hmmm, interesting.

Source: International Comparisons of Criminal Justice Statistics 2001

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