Learning Japanese: 形容詞 (II)


1. い-形容詞 

 positive non past: たか です

    negative non past: たかくない です

    positive past: たかかった です

    negative past: たかくなかった です

2. な-形容詞

    positive non past: 綺麗(きれい) です

    negative non past: きれい じゃ ありません

 positive past: きれい でした

    negative past: きれい じゃ ありませんでした


1.4月 は 暑い です。[Yon getsu wa atsui desu] (April is hot)

2.この 自転車 は 新しくない です。[Kono jitensha wa atarashikunai desu] (That bicycle is not new)

3.昨日 は 寒かった です。[Kinou wa samukatta desu] (Yesterday was cold)

4.先月 は 忙しくなかった です。[Sengetsu wa isogashikunakatta desu] (Last month was not busy)

5.山田さん は 親切 です。[Yamadasan wa shinsetsu desu] (Mr Yamada is kind)

6.この 試験 は 簡単 じゃ ありません。[Kono shiken wa kantan ja arimasen] (That test is not easy)

7.お祭り は とても にぎやか でした。[Omatsuri wa totemo nigiyaka deshita] (The festival was very lively)

8.先週 は 元気 じゃ ありませんでした。[Senshu wa genki ja arimasendeshita] (Last week was not feeling healthy)

OECD: Crime Statistic (I)

5 major crime type and police density stats are listed in 2 separate posts (I and II). Each value has been normalised to the population of respective country.
1. Homicide:

Yup, US is at the top of the rank of number of homicides in OECD countries, as high as 5.52 cases, or almost doubled the second follower Finland (shock!). Switzerland (surprisingly they have liberal gun law as well, like US), Austria and Sweden are among the countries which have least homicide cases occured.

2. Violent Crime:

UK, topped OECD countries in the violent crime rank. On average, there are 13.4 violent crimes per 1000 population, for year 2000 while New Zealand followed closely behind: 11.6. On the other hand, Japan, Greece and Ireland are the “safe heaven” freed from violent crime, as low as 0.5, 0.8 and 0.9 cases per 1000 population.

3. Robbery:

Spain recorded the highest cases of robbery per 1000 population, as high as 2.31 cases while France and UK are slightly doing better, with 1.87 and 1.73 robbery cases per 1000 persons. Again, Greece and Japan were seeing low robbery incidents occured, as low as 0.04 cases per 1000 for Japan.

Source: International Comparisons of Criminal Justice Statistics 2001