OECD: A Matter of Trust (II)

Continued from part I, a matter of trust part II will have a look people’s trust on institutions like parliament, legal system, police, politicians and United Nations among OECD/European countries. Score 10 is being trusted most. The results below here are an average of the score for year 2002 and 2004 obtained in European Social Survey.

As a whole, relatively rich scandinavian countries were seeing higher trust from their people onto the listed instituitions. Lower income countries, on the other hand, were consistently seeing to have lower trust. Overall (combined all the selected countries), the trust in each instituition goes with the sequence of: Police > United Nations > Legal system > Country’s parliament > Politicians.

1. Trust in Country’s parliament:

2. Trust in Legal System:

3. Trust in Police:

4. Trust in Politicians:

5. Trust in United Nations:

Source: European Social Value, 2002 and 2004.

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