Picture: My new Conquest

Kyoto: Conquest from Flea Market, originally uploaded by micpohling.

… from flea market in Kyoto. Total cost? 1400 yen.
Blouse/shirt-100 yen
Jacket-400 yen
Skirt-600 yen
Boot- 200 yen (yes, unbelievably 200 yen, or around RM6!)
Sweater (not in the picture)- 100 yen.

(conversion rate: 100 yen= USD 0.832 , EURO 0.615, MYR 2.282, SGD 1.264)

Seriously, I don’t mind to buy the second-hand clothes at all. It is economical, and most of these clothes are still in very good shape and quality, albeit not in the trendy fashion/season. Buying new clothes in Japan is an astronomical cost, a walk into any branded boutique will really dwarf the self-esteem 😀 It is here in Japan I discover the fun and joy of second-hand clothes shopping 😉 So, may be more shopping next month! (the same flea market held every once a month in front of Kyoto City Hall, on every second Sunday)

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