Europe: Poll Survey of the View on Family

1. A person’s family should be main priority in life (5 categorical answers: agree strongly, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree and disagree strongly) – European Social Survey, 2004.

In 5 categorical answers, 61.5% of Hungarians strongly agreed that family should be a person’s main priority in life. This is followed by Czech (48.9%) and Austria (47.2%). On the other hand, People in Netherlands, Sweden and Norway has much smaller portions on strongly agreeing that family should be a person’s priority in life, with less than 20% strongly agree that on the statement. Overall, people generally agreed that family should be a person’s priority (both strongly agree and agree categorical answers), with 80% of more people think so, except Denmark and Netherlands.

2. How important family in your life? – World Value Survey.

Next, in 4 categorical answers on how important family in one’s life, more than 90% of people in US, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Australia and Italy think that family is very important in their lives. And it is not surprised to note that only 79.7% of Dutch people think in such way.

Most of these surveys were done back in 1990s.

3. Important in Life: Family (0 being extremely not important and 10 being extremely important) – European Social Survey, 2002.

Question asked: important in life, family and a scale run from 0 to 10 (extremly important) is given. Again, Hungarians viewed that family is extremely important in their lives and 86.7% of them think so. Followed closely by Greece (85.2%) and Luxembourg (83.8%). Again, only 42.8% Netherlands people agreed that family is extremely important in life.

Why? Dutch people are not family-oriented?


  1. World Value Survey
  2. European Social Survey, 2002 and 2004

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  1. May 9, 2007 at 1:29 am

    […] as 9.71, 9.70 and 9.66 out of 10 is obtained respectively. As noted in previous post, people in Netherlands is consistently view that family is somewhat less important than other […]

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