Gene: Sporting Aptitude

Source: Gene test for child’s sporting chance, 20-12-2004

The test, available online in kit form for about A$110 (£43) uses a DNA sample taken from a mouth swab to detect variations of a gene known as ACTN3. Studies conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport, have linked this gene to sporting potential.

Deon Venter, a director of Genetic Technologies, said: “It’s not a test that says you are going to be a winner or a loser. It’s a test that appears, on the evidence we have so far, to head people into choosing the best event and in some cases the optimal sport.”

The test identifies variations in the two copies that everyone has of the ACTN3 gene. Professor Venter said those with the “normal” variation produced a protein found in “fast-twitch” muscle fibres, giving them an edge in sprinting and power sports, such as speed skating and short-distance swimming, track and cycling events.

Those with a variation of the gene known as R577X lacked the protein, making them more suited to events requiring endurance, such as rowing and longdistance events.

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