OECD and Malaysia: Alcohol Consumption

1. Wine:

Luxembourg consumes highest amount of wine, followed by France and Italy. I also learned it recently from my brother-in-law Portugese enjoy wine a lot, especially he is telling me from the place he is now, Porto.

2. Beer:

Ireland, Germany and Austria. Well, not surprised at all. What could be surprised is that Japan is not consuming much beer, even though their beer vending machine and convenient store is everywhere. Sideline for this: the breakdown of alcohol consumption in Japan for last year (from Japan Times):

3. Spirit, or distilled beverage:

4. Total alcohol beverage:

Overall, Luxembourg, Ireland and Germany consume a lot of alcohol beverage. It would be interesting to correlate it to the alcohol-related disease and crime level among these countries with alcohol consumption.

source: Finland Statistic Department, World Figure 2003

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  1. izie said,

    July 27, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    thanks 4 da information..
    it’s really helpful

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