OECD: Pedestrian in Road Traffic Accidents

The table above shows the number of persons killed and injured (per 100 000 population) as pedestrian involved in road traffic accidents. Out of 100 000 persons, 3.4 Hungarian, 2.68 Portugese and 2.43 Greek pedestrians are killed in accident. Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway are the safe place for pedestrians, which all less than 1 persons died as pedestrian in road traffic accidents.

On the other hand, Portugese has highest number of people injured as pedestrian in traffic accident: 71.4 out of 100 000 population. The unusual high number is also observed in UK (63.5 persons) and Austria (54.4 persons). Again, Netherlands is the safest place for pedestrian among these countries: only 12.9 persons out of 100 000 will get injured as a result of road traffic accidents, or almost 5.5x lower the probability compared to Portugal.

This table shows the breakdown of pedestrian killed according to major age group. Overall, 5.6% of persons killed are children aged 0-9 years old, 16.2% of 10 to 24 years old,  39.1% 25 to 64 years old and 43.8% for senior citizen more than 65 years old. It is noted that old folks are subjected to the risk of high fatality. The countries which have more than 50% of their fatalities attributed from age group >65 are Austria (50.9%), Greece (56.0%) and Switzerland (58.8%).

Overall, the pedestrians injured in road traffic accidents according to the age group breakdown are as below: 13.1 % for children 0-9 yo, 30.7% adolescent/young adult 10-24 yo, 38.5% adult and 20.7% of senior citizens aged 65 or more. This is probably more consistent to the breakdown of age in the demography.

Source: UNECE, Statistic of Road Traffic Transport in Europe and North America, 2001 to 2003

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