Gene: Breast Cancer

Source: Huge drug trial to defeat breast cancer , 09-02-2007

One of the first specific cancer genes to be identified, in 1994, was the rogue breast cancer gene BRCA1.

The discovery of BRCA1 was followed by BRCA2, and women who carry a faulty version of either gene have a much higher risk of developing the disease — about 50-80 per cent over their lifetime. Faults in these DNA-repair genes may account for 5-10 per cent of breast cancers. Women with a history of it in their family seem to have a big risk of developing it themselves if a close relative, such as a mother or sister, had it before 50, or if two or more relatives have been affected.

On another note, the gene involved in breast tumour is found: Gene hope for breast cancer.

Scientists from the University of South Alabama and the University of Wales College of Medicine have found that a gene involved in making cells stick together is less active in aggressive breast tumours than in those that develop more slowly. The gene, called ALCAM (activated leucocyte cell adhesion molecule) is linked with cell migration. The more free the cells are to move, the quicker the potential spread of the cancer.

Reporting in Breast Cancer Research, Dr Judy King and colleagues compared the expression of the ALCAM gene in normal breast tissue and in tissue samples from primary breast tumours.

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