Math! CO2 Emission by my ex-car – Kelissa GXi SE

Yup, it was the same car which trashed by Jeremy Clarkson (I think, not sure about the model though :P).

But this is not the main theme of this post. Rather, I am interested to find out how much CO2 had I spewed out for the past 3.5 years, during my ownership of Kelisa.

According this link, Kelissa GXi SE emits 121 g CO2 per km (one of the lowest CO2 emission you can get from the vehicles available around the automobile market?). I forgot what was my car mileage before I sold it off, but if I put it 2 scenarios: a) worst case scenario – roughly around 10 000 km for every 3 months (as the car maintenance/service requirement). Or b) normal scenario – everyday I travel about 25km. Thus, my CO2 emission was (approximately):

a) Annual CO2 emission = 0.121 kg x 40 000 km = 4840 kg


b) Annual CO2 emission = 0.121 kg x 25 km x 365 days = 1104. 125 kg

And according to World Bank’s report on world CO2 emission per capita for year 2002, on average Malaysian emitted 6.32 metric tons per capita, or 6320 kg CO2 per year.

For scenario (a), wow my car alone accounted to almost 76.6% of total CO2 emission per capita, on my share! The figure from (a) is quite unlikely for me because for me to use up all 10 000 km mileage in 3 months, on average I will be travelling 109.9 km per day. Or (b)  CO2 emission from my beloved kelisa only take up 18.0% of my personal CO2 quota  😛

More, some CO2 emissin data for other Malaysia-made cars:

  • GEN2 1.3 GLS = 164 g/km (or extra 35.5% of Kelissa’s CO2 emission)
  • GEN2 1.6 GLS/X (Manual) = 172 g/km (42.1% extra)
  • GEN2 1.6 GLS/X (Auto) = 176 g/km (45.5%)
  • Proton Savvy = 134 g/km (10.7%)
  • Proton Impian 1.6 GLS (Manual) = 167 g/km (38.0%)
  • Proton Impian 1.6 GLS (Auto) = 172 g/km

More CO2 emission by car can be found here.

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  1. May 8, 2007 at 7:17 am

    […] another note, remember my ex-small compact car, Kelisa? On average, Kelisa emits 121g CO2 per km. For 1000km, 121kg of CO2 will emitted by this car. […]

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