OECD: Marriage

2 Raw Data on Marriage in OECD countries for selected years were compiled.

1) Crude marriage rate (number of marriage per 1000 inhabitants/population): a comparison between year 2001 and 2004.

Sweden, Finland and Canada seeing an increase in crude marriage rate from year 2001 to 2004, while Norway, Portugal and Japan suffer decrease in marriage rate.

2) Mean age at first marriage, both male and female

Men consistently show higher mean age of getting married throughout all the countries in comparison. In average (for the OECD countries listed here), men get married at age 30.1 while women get married at age 27.9, or about 2.2 years gap. Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway are seeing their men and women get married at much later age compared to US, Canada or Portugal.


1) Eurostat
2) United Nations Economics Commision for Europe, UNECE
3) Individual country data from respective Statistic bureau/department.

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