OECD and Malaysia: Water Consumption (Part I)

US has the highest water consumption in the world, followed by Japan and Germany. However, when the water consumption is broken down to domestic usage (along with agriculture and industrial), Canada consumes highest water volume per capita, as high as 288 m^3 per year. This is followed by New Zealand (254.1 m^3) and US (208.9 m^3). Netherlands consumed the least amount of water, as 10x lower than Canada. In another words, Dutch people survive by using the water amount 0.082 m^3 per day, or equivalent to 82kg water (assuming water density =1000 kg/m^3). It would be interesting to note what are the activities or difference in lifestyle that drive so much variations in terms of domestic water consumption among OECD countries.

source: Statistic Finland Department, World Figure 2003

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