OECD and Malaysia: Irrigated and Horticultural Land

Irrigated and horticultured land in OECD countries and Malaysia:

Netherlands has highest irrigation land area (16.7%) compared Denmark (10.6%) and Italy (9.4%). Since irrigation will require a lot of water (land area that is artificially supplied with water), it would be interesting to note the water consumption for these countries on agriculture.

On the other hand, Malaysia has the highest percentage on horticultural land (17.6%) with the area 57.8 thousands square km. Apart from Spain, Italy, Portugal and New Zealand, most of the OECD countries do not have sizeable horticultural land.

Update: horticultural land is also referring to the permanent crops land, and borrowing the definition from CIA Factbook: permanent crops – land cultivated for crops like citrus, coffee, and rubber that are not replanted after each harvest; includes land under flowering shrubs, fruit trees, nut trees, and vines, but excludes land under trees grown for wood or timber.

source: Finland Statistic Department, World 2003.

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