Gene: Prostate Cancer

Source: New Medical Research, 03-04-2007

Screening for prostate cancer may be improved by testing for the prostate cancer gene (PCA3) in the urine, say researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles. They report in Urology (March 27) how they tested for PCA3 in the urine of 233 men already identified as having elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a standard test for possible prostate cancer. They claim that raised PCA3 levels were more accurate than raised PSA levels at predicting whether a full biopsy would indicate the presence of cancer cells.

PCA3 info at GeneCards.

Update: More news on the research on Prostate Cancer genetic variants.

Several newly identified genetic variants on chromosome 8 are associated with increased risk of developing prostate cancer, according to three studies published online in Nature Genetics.

Last year scientists in Iceland reported that a variant on chromosome 8 is associated with elevated risk of prostate cancer. Three groups have now revisited this region on chromosome 8, and have found additional variants that independently contribute to prostate cancer susceptibility. One group, led by Kari Stefansson, reports that a second variant is associated with the disease in several populations. This variant is relatively uncommon in individuals of European descent, but quite common in African Americans, suggesting that it accounts for some of the higher risk for prostate cancer observed in individuals of African descent.

The second group, led by David Reich, identified this same variant, as well as five previously undescribed risk variants in populations representing five different ethnic backgrounds. Finally, the third group, led by Stephen Chanock, found one of the variants reported by the Broad study to be associated with elevated risk in five different populations.

Abstracts available online:
Paper 1. Paper 2. Paper 3.

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