Math! How much CH4 is released by Sheep around the World?

Cow is not the only ruminant livestock which produce CH4 gas, though it is a major one. Other livestock is generating CH4 as well, and I shall check up each one of them (if I could find the neccessary information :P). How much of CH4 is emitted throughout these livestocks each year?

For time being, let’s look at sheep. After some googling, 2 claims for sheep (so far) are found.

Claim#1: Individual sheep emission rates were highly variable and averaged 19.5 ± 4.8 (SD) g CH4 per sheep per day. (source here)

Thus, a sheep can produce 7.12 kg of CH4 per year.

And, claim#2: New Zealand`s 70 million sheep create 350 million methane gallons daily. (source here)

70 million sheeps for 350 million gallons methane, 5 gallons CH4 per sheep per day, or equivalent to 18.93 L of CH4.

Divide by standard volume molar (22.414 L/mol), the weight of CH4 produced by sheep per day = 0.844 mol x 16 g (CH4 molecular weight) = 13.51 g per day.

In a year, a sheep is producing 4.93 kg CH4. And this value is lower than the claim#1.

As of year 2003, there is around 1 billion, or 1 024 070 182 sheeps (not including the sheep for milk) around the world. Thus, the total annual CH4 emission by sheeps for:

Claim#1: Total CH4 = 1 024 070 182 x 7.12 kg = 7.291 million tonnes.

Claim#2: Total CH4 = 1 024 070 182 x 4.93 kg = 5.049 million tonnes.

Apparently sheep is not emitting much CH4, compared to cow/cattle.

source: FAO, Global Livestock Production and Health Atlas

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