Math! How much CH4 is released by Dairy Cow?

After cattle/beef cow, now let’s move on to dairy/milking/lactating cow. There are few papers found on the data of CH4 emission by dairy cow.

  1. According to this paper‘s finding (paper#1), dairy cow is measured releasing 587 ± 61.3 L CH4 per day. And compared to the values obtained from other references cited: 420L, 500L, 552L and 560L.
  2. According to this paper (paper#2), the lactating Holstein dairy cows produced 458.7g CH4 per day.
  3. According to this paper from India (paper#3), (i) the milking crossbred cattle produced 106.4g CH4 per day while (ii) the milking indigenous cattle emitted 98.57g CH4 per day.

According o FAO’s statistic, there are 237 928 359 (238 millions) milked cow around the world in 2003.  Thus, the total CH4/methane emission by dairy cow around the world with the summary of all the number above is listed in the table below:

source: FAO, Global Livestock Production and Health Atlas, 2003

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