Math! How much CH4 is released by Cattle/Beef Cow? (Part II)

More CH4 emission by cattle or beef cow is found! Thefore, I shall continue from the previous post from here.

Claim#3: according to this paper, beef cow produces 262L CH4 per day.

1L CH4 weigh about 0.714g. Thus, the weight of CH4 in 262L CH4 gas is about 187.03g per day.

Or 68.26 kg per year.

Claim#4: from this paper (citing another referecence), “…the average daily CH4 emissions predicted from this SF6 technique (11.6 ± 0.7 L h-1) were similar to those measured using open circuit respiration calorimetry (12.9 ± 0.7 L h-1)”.  

So 2 very close numbers are obtained: (4-a) 11.6L per hour and (4-b) 12.9L per hour. Total CH4 by weight in a year:

Thus, CH4 annual emission by weight is (4-a) 72.54kg or (4-b) 80.67kg.

Claim#5: CH4 from livestock in India is listed in this paper. Methane gas emitted from various type of cattles can be found, and the summary is listed in the table below.

Thus, CH4 emission is (5-a) 36.31kg and (5-b) 32.95kg. Noted that the value here is comparitively much lower than the other value from claim#1-4.

To calculate the total CH4 emission from 1.33 billion cattle/beef cow around the world in 1 year:

Claim#3: Total CH4 = 1.33 x 10^9 x 68.26 kg = 90.78 million tonnes.

Claim#4-a: Total CH4 = 1.33 x 10^9 x 72.54 kg = 96.48 million tonnes.

Claim#4-b: Total CH4 = 1.33 x 10^9 x 80.67 kg = 107.29 million tonnes.

Claim#5-a: Total CH4 = 1.33 x 10^9 x 36.31 kg = 48.29 million tonnes.

Claim#5-b: Total CH4 = 1.33 x 10^9 x 32.95 kg = 43.82 million tonnes.

Combining all the claims found so far, the summary of total CH4 emission by cattle/beef cow in year 2003 is listed in the table below:

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