Monthly Reading on CH4 Atmospheric Concentration

This graph show the CH4 atmospheric concentration measurement at Oregon, California.  

There are two clear patterns shown in this graph:

  1. CH4 concentration shows cyclic pattern throughout the year. CH4 concentration shows a dip in the month of July while remain quite consistent the other time of the year. Could it be the reason that most of the livestocks were slaughtered during that time of the year?
  2. A steady increase of CH4 concentration annually. And the table below shows the rise of CH4 atmospheric concentration each year.

It seemed that CH4 increment has been slowed down since year 1983, from 18.2 ppbv in 1980 to 13.1 ppbv in 1986. However, this trend of rise does not go along well with the estimated CH4 emission, which increase consistently to year 1991. Annual range or month-to-month variation also seeing fluctuation between 28.7 to highest 61.8 ppbv.

source: CDAIC, Atmospheric Methane

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