OECD: Energy Production

Norway produced highest amount of energy per capita, as much as all energy combined by Australia, Canada, Iceland, US, Denmark, UK and Netherlands.

On the other hand, Portugal, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Spain produce very little amount of energy. It is also noted that Portugal and Iceland are the countries producing energy without using nuclear, coal, oil and natural gas.

Countries like Belgium, Japan, France and Switzerland counts on nuclear energy heavily, while Australia, Ireland and US depends on coal (73.0%, 57.4% and 32.2% respectively). Oil is an important source of energy production for  Norway (66.2%), Denmark (65.4%) and UK (44.9%). Netherlands use natural gas to generate the energy: 89.3%, leading Italy and Canada by a big margin (41.1% nd 39.1% respectively).

source: OECD in Figures

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  1. April 3, 2007 at 6:33 am

    […] be due to the fact most of their energy is produced not by oil, coal or natural gas, as shown in previous post. The same could be say on Iceland case (7.2 tonnes per capita) as […]

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