OECD: Overweight and Obesity, Food Intake

[note: The BMI classification may not be suitable for all ethnic groups, who may have equivalent levels of risk at lower BMI (for example, Asians) or higher BMI.]

Low overweight (25 < BMI < 30) prevalence: France, Switzerland.
High overweight prevalence: Germany, Australia, Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom.

Low obesity (BMI > 30) prevalence: Switzerland, Norway, Italy.
High obesity prevalence: United States.

United States has unbelievably high percentage of people who is obese, as high as 30.6%. As far as the food item concern, American eats a lot of chicken meat (113.7 g/day), fruits (28.6 g/day), but not on bovine or pig meat compared to other countries.

Among the listed factors, bovine or cow related meat has relatively strong positive correlation (Rsquare= 0.134) on the prevalence of obesity. On theother hand, chicken meat intake has very strong positive correlation on the prevalence of overweight people, the rsquare as 0.580 (1 is being perfect). However, the pig meat intake shows negative correlation on the prevalence of overweight. May be it has something to do with the way the people prepare chicken or pig meat as meal?

1) OECD on Overweight and Obesity Prevalence
2) FAO on Food Intake

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